English: ‘second language’ in school

A primary school in Peterborough is believed to be the only one in England where not one of its pupils speaks English as their first language.

Twenty different languages are spoken at Gladstone Primary School. The school has more than 400 pupils and despite the potential barriers the school’s just been rated good in every area by the education watchdog Ofsted.

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This article could be interesting for fellow teachers or parents with a leaning for the English language.

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How the internet is changing English

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Unesco estimates that half of the world’s 6,000 languages will have disappeared by the end of the century – but new research shows that social media and text messaging in particular are promoting and supporting language diversity.


Texting is now conducted by speakers of around 5,000 languages.

“Text messaging is the most linguistically diverse form of written communication that has ever existed,” says Munroe.

“It’s also become the first form of written communication of many of the world’s languages,” he says.


“Most have only ever been spoken. But the technology and economics of text messages and the proliferation of cells phones means it’s the most economic option of communication.”


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Tomorrow’s English

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English changed dramatically over the last thousand years. It’s changed over the last twenty years, too. Our language today has ancestors and cousins that are nearly unintelligible to lay English-speakers. It makes sense to imagine that 2200’s English or 3000’s English will look strange to us as well—if English survives. After all, if there’s an apocalypse today, which languages will remain?

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