Open Doors run both Nursery and Primary School Classes

Nursery Classes

Tuition starts at 4 years old.

4-5 years
(Maternelle 2)
Wednesday 8:45am – 10:45 amThursday 9:00am – 12:00 mid-day
5-6 years
(Maternelle 3)
Tuesday  9:00am – 12:00 mid-dayWednesday 11:15am – 1:15pm


  • In ‘Maternelle 2’ the emphasis is on speaking and listening skills, in preparation for the more formal work in reading, which is introduced in ‘Maternelle 3’.
  • We concentrate on building solid foundations for future progress in reading and writing through stories and drama, songs and rhymes, singing games and creative and play activities.
  • We aim to develop a confident ‘I can do it’ attitude towards reading in our pupils, which eases their entry into the ‘CP’ class of French primary school.

Primary School Classes

From nursery classes, children progress into Class 1 (in general when they enter  CP in French school) and can stay with us throughout primary school. They come one half-day a  week, on Wednesdays, when French primary school is closed.

Class 1 (CP) Wednesday 9:00am – 12:00 mid-day
Class 2 (CE1) Wednesday 9:00am – 12:00 mid-day
Class 3 (CE2) Wednesday 1:15pm – 4:15pm
Class 4 (CM1) Wednesday 1:15pm – 4:15pm
Class 5 (CM2) Wednesday 9:00-12:00 mid-day
  • The work in our primary classes is, of necessity, more formal than in the nursery classes, but our low pupil/teacher ratio means that we can work individually with our pupils and adjust our expectations to their ability and aspirations.
  • We set a minimum amount of homework each week but are happy to provide more if parents request it.
  • The overall standard of the classes is high and children with no previous experience of written English may not be accepted at primary level. Our teachers will assess and advise any applicant. A small administrative fee will be charged.
  • At the end of their primary careers, almost all of our pupils are accepted into bilingual classes at local secondary schools

Come and meet our Teachers!


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