Ruth Hasid: Mat. 2 & 3 teacher

Honours Degree, Kent University, Canterbury, England.

I grew up in south east London.  I’m married to a French man and have three bilingual children, who completed their English primary education at Open Doors.  The eldest is currently completing an engineering degree at Cardiff University.  The other two are completing their education in a French lycee.  I have taught at Open Doors since 2002.

Chris Edwards – Mat 2 & 3

Before arriving in France in 1996, I taught in the infant/nursery sector in London for 16 years.  I began working for Open Doors in 2000 when my son attended the school.  I have British/French nationality and was brought up in a bilingual environment as a child.  My own children have successfully followed a bilingual programme.

Jan Thomas – Mat 3 and Class 1.

Jan Thomas (BA, PGCE) taught for 11 years in the UK.  She was at Busy Bees nursery school in Saint-Germain-en-Laye before joining Open Doors in 2000.

Julia Powell – Class 2 & 3.

Julia is a fully qualified teacher with 12 years experience in the UK & 4 years at the British School of Paris.  She has been working at Open Doors for 8 years, mainly working with classes 2 & 3.

Jane Searle (Cert of Ed)- Class 4 & 5.

Jane taught for 8 years in the UK, teaching children throughout the Infant and Primary sectors and Special Needs Children.  Before joining Open Doors in 2002 she was a supply teacher at the British School of Paris.

Julia Kneebone – BA(Hons) – Reading Assistant

I have been with Open Doors since September 2009 as a reading assistant on Wednesday mornings for the primary classes.  I was born and brought up in Liverpool and studied at Sheffield University where I got my degree, before moving to the West Midlands.  Both my children have followed a bilingual education since we moved to France in 2006 so I fully understand the challenges that this presents parents.


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